Jae Kim Counselling & Psychotherapy Services  supports a journey into self-discovery and personal growth. We collaborated to create a character coping with depression.
I wanted to use the red sun transition into the eyeball as a feeling that keeps us worried.

As we try to run away from the bug, our thoughts follow.

Mirrored self as we think of our future scenarios. Trap ourselves in "what if..".

We drift away from the present, lost in our thoughts & time.

Dripping into a pool of thoughts. Fallen chairs symbolize voluntary isolations.  

More colours are introduced, indicating a change in mindset. Anxiety is not a bad thing, it's essential for our survival and success.

The hair bun transitions to the red sun, this time a bright light. Using one of the tools, journaling to help to be more mindful.   

Instead of feeling bad for ourselves, the marbling represents our experiences, we learn to manage anxiety better.
It transitions back to the beginning with a change in atmosphere. A more peaceful one.

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